Vonnegut and Schiele, the Indian Rigneck parrots

Vonnegut and Schiele are my quirky Indian Ringneck parakeets. They accompany me in my watercolour studio most days. They have their own growing following on instagram (@facebeak) and Facebook and Vonnegut will soon be in a movie! (in 2017, Vonnegut won the title of 'Australia's Greatest Pet' and will appear as a character in The Secret Life of Pets 2)

heart vonnegut ringneck parrot


I often get asked how I trained Vonnegut to be so tame, so I have outlined my methods below. I use positive reinforcement, which works by giving the bird a CHOICE. We do not punish them for making the wrong choice but we reward the bird for making the choice we want them to make. It helps our birds to want to be with us, to trust us and to become more interested in trying new experiences with us. Choose from my training guides below:

tame bird