Vonnegut is my quirky and adorable Indian Ringneck parakeet. He accompanies me in the studio most days, chatting away, dancing to the studio tunes and just generally being cute. He won the title of 'Australia's Greatest Pet', he has his own growing instagram (@facebeak) and Facebook following and has been featured in the newspapers, on the radio and in online media. And now he has a little side-kick called Schiele!

heart vonnegut ringneck parrot


I often get asked by fellow bird-lovers how I trained Vonnegut to be so tame, so I have outlined my methods below. I bought Vonnegut as a baby and hand-tamed him myself which is a HUGE advantage. But I have also re-trained adult aviary birds which were terrified of humans. The method is the same for both instances - I use positive reinforcement.

What is "positive reinforcement?"

Positive reinforcement works by giving the bird a CHOICE. We do not punish them for making the wrong choice but we REWARD the bird for making the choice we want the bird to make. It helps our birds to want to be with us, to trust us and to become more interested in trying new experiences.

Choose from my training guides below:

But if you need more help, I highly, HIGHLY recommend downloading the Family Friendly Parrot video by Dave and Jamie Womach. It explains everything you need to know about training your bird turning your scared, biting or screeching parrot into a loving pet that enjoys your company and that the entire family can interact with. 

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