"How can I stop my parrot from biting?!" is one of the most common questions I get asked. But to answer it, we first need to establish WHY your parrot is biting. And to do that, I want to talk about blind dating.

Now before you say "huh?! just stick with me on this one.....

Imagine yourself on a blind date. You're extremely nervous, you're palms are clammy and you've spent the last hour pep-talking yourself through all of the possible scenarios. You don't know the person sitting opposite you but you're sharing a meal in an effort to get to know them (good on you for being brave and putting yourself out there!). But as the date goes on, you soon realise that even though he's a nice guy, you don't share the same interests, you don't even speak the same language! You decide to leave but just as you make your move, your date thrusts his hand forward and starts stroking your hair. You're feeling uncomfortable, vulnerable! You try to tell him he's moving too fast, you're just not that interested! But he doesn't listen! All you want to do is leave but all he wants to do is cuddle! 

It sounds like a nightmare right?

Well, imagine if you were forced to go on that date again...and again...and again.

THAT, my friends the number 1 reason why your bird is biting:

The blind date is the perfect way to illustrate how a parrot feels when it meets its new owner. No matter how nice you are, or how old or young your parrot is, the fact is that we do not speak the same language as our birds, nor do we share the same interests. And even though our birds get free meals off us, they're not going to think about us in a positive light unless...

...we LEARN their language, take the relationship as SLOW as they want and find SHARED common interests.

Now of course, not all bird-human relationships are that extreme or bad. Nevertheless, even if your bird is tame and only bites you occasionally, it is a sign that there is some aspect of your relationship with your bird that is NOT 100% okay in the bird's mind. "Fear of hands", the "terrible two's" and "establishing their place in the flock" are all legitimate reasons why your bird may be biting and ALL of these reasons relate back to how well you have established your relationship with your bird.

Now don't freak out if all of the above sounds like you.

The bird language CAN be learned, patience IS a virtue and we can show the birds that we are FUN, interesting people for them to be around!